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We believe there’s an athlete inside of everyone. Whether you’re new to fitness or a seasoned pro, our belief is that there’s always room for improvement and tracking your progress helps you stay motivated and reach your goals.

Our instructors have run triathlons, ironman's, trained Olympians, climbed mountains and even represented TeamGB so they have the knowledge and determination to help you reach your goals.

We are the first studio to monitor progress using a combination of technology and challenges allowing you to receive tangible results and track your progress week on week and month on month. We have state of the art Tanita machines in our studio which measure your body composition through electric signals and feed results directly into your One 10 profile.

Our instructors are on hand not only to deliver an outstanding class but also help you along your fitness journey. By offering advice and tailoring your class experience to your fitness level, our philosophy allows you to get reap the benefits of personal training with the additional energy and fun of group fitness.

We want you to be competitive, whether that’s with the person next to you or more importantly the person you were yesterday or the day before. We’ll encourage you to train harder and live fitter with no time for excuses, and even less reasons to quit.

Still need convincing? Listen to our Head of Concept Laura’s story here

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Threshold has been expertly designed by One 10’s head trainers to supplement Nirvana and Paceline and provide an all-encompassing work out experience that encourages our One 10 community to train harder and live fitter. Through a combination of treadmill intervals and HIIT training, Threshold encourages you to challenge your limits and move closer to your goals, testing speed, endurance and strength. Like all classes at One 10, every workout is carefully designed into 3 phases that will ensure you work to your maximum and see progress week in week out. Using the best treadmills on the market, Technogym skillruns, expect your instructor to push your endurance, speed and power as they motivate you to pick up the pace and cross the Threshold to a fitter, stronger you.

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Nirvana is the only class in London to combine stats and the beat of the music to elevate your cardio workout and improve endurance, strength and coordination throughout the entire body. Expect quick sprints, heavy climbs, weights tracks and effective choreography thrown in to the mix to ensure you forget about the hard work and leave class with bundles of energy. If you want to find that higher state of mind, this is the class for you!


Paceline has been designed to improve the 3 key areas of cycling which are Endurance, Climbing and Power. Paceline is not here to replace outdoor cycling, it’s built to improve your athletic performance in a competitive yet supportive setting. With that in mind you can expect endurance intervals designed to make you stronger for longer, hill climbs to improve your lactate threshold and power intervals that will push you to smash any sprint finishes!

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