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Physically and mentally challenging but all for the greater good. Laura's classes are hard, challenging, sweaty but still maintain that element of fun! She focuses on technique and big numbers on the dial which will make you feel like an athlete.

When Laura's not at One 10 Laura can be found hitting the road on her bike. A self-proclaimed adrenaline junky that loves anything that pushes her body to its limits, testing her endurance.

Listen to Laura's story on the inspiration space


Our resident comedian, Leo, ensures all of his classes are packed with energy and more importantly, fun! A boxer, with a love for R&B and Hip Hop, Leo brings a combination of banging tunes and motivating vocals to his One 10 riders.


‘You'll only get out what you put in’ is what you’ll hear in Josh’s class! An experienced rider both in and out of the studio, Josh will push you to smash your fitness goals and achieve a new personal best. Josh believes that the harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you finally achieve it. We couldn’t agree more!


Christina may be small, but she is definitely mighty! Her indoor cycling obsession started whilst away in Australia and she came back to London ready to spread that obsession to anyone and everyone. She believes that a healthy body means a healthy mind. She does not hold anything back and expects the same from all her riders, so be prepared to work, after all, your only limit is you!


As a dancer, Sonia became involved with indoor cycling to help improve her stamina. Sonia will be there to support you 100% while making you feel inspired, motivated and able to forget whatever stresses you may have outside…sounds like magic right?


Lauren is our Scottish pocket rocket and she is bound to get the best out of you on the bike! With a background in performing she thrives in front of an audience. Expect fun, feistiness and a lot of sweat… you best be ready to rock!


You won’t get any sugar coating with Melissa. She describes her classes as raw, powerful and a little bit sassy! A well-known face within the fitness community, Melissa has built a name for herself as one of the top trainers that London has to offer. Her ‘never give up attitude’ is the driving force behind her classes, it’s all about the team effort and unity. Melissa will get you feeling engaged, inspired and motivated.


If he’s not in the gym fooling around with kettlebells, playing dad on the side-lines’ with his kids or riding the roads with his soulmate, you’ll catch Alan here at One 10. With his background in advertising and 20 years of indoor cycling under his belt, this self-proclaimed “roady” pretty much does it all. His passion lies in making you see what you're really capable of and helping you achieve that ultimate feeling of accomplishment. Get ready to be present, be powerful and be yourself.


Matt has two things on his mind for when you step in to his Paceline class - focus and channelling that inner athlete. Matt believes that strength doesn’t come from what you can do, strength comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t. After his class we’re sure you’ll leave feeling like a champion.


Our resident cheerleader (and former British Champion), Cassie’s classes are high intensity, high energy and high on life. Her creative classes and motivational vibes will push you to new levels of riding.

Be prepared to give your all.

This duracell bunny will just keep going and going… Can you keep up?


The ultimate female boss. Hannah not only leads the pack on the bike but runs the studio and its team at One 10. An Essex girl born and bred; do not be fooled by the smile though... expect some nasty beats, old school r'n'b and a workout that will bring out your inner badass!


Darren is a go-getter by nature and is always up for a fitness challenge. Being a natural competitor himself, Darren likes to bring out the competitive streak in his riders. He'll push himself to break through barriers and in turn, encourage you to do the same.

A firefighter by day, Darren is no stranger to the fitness world. In his profession, leading a healthy lifestyle is essential.


Hendrick is also known as Superman because of his athleticism and quite frankly, his muscles! Starting off as a sprinter, Hendrick rose to an American football player as a running back and is now the UK’s strongest U93kg Powerlifter with an impressive 325kg deadlift (well over 700lbs).

His goals as a fitness instructor are not just to motivate the athletes in his classes, but to also help kick start their belief that they can become stronger and better than what they are today!


From triathlons and tough mudders to olympic weightlifting and Crossfit, Hunter has turned his hand to most things in the fitness world. He loves a challenge and training for new goals. With a background in biomechanics, Hunter believes form is key in helping you move better, improve technique and lift bigger.

Classes are all about pushing your limits, big tunes and having fun. Making you fitter, stronger and harder to kill.


When she’s not studying geophysics, or working on her paddle board business, Lily can be found teaching at One 10! She loves to dabble in endurance events- from long distance triathlons to ultra marathons, and this hardcore mentality definitely comes through in her classes. Along with her selection of epic tunes, expect to be put through your paces and step out that studio feeling stronger and fitter than ever!

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